SrvSurvey is an independent third-party application for use with Elite Dangerous by Frontier Developments. It provides on-screen assistance when a player is near a planet in the SRV, on foot or in ships. It has 3 main functions:

The application works by analyzing journal files written by the game when played on a PC, tracking the location of the player at the time of various events. It uses this information to render overlay windows atop the game, updated in real-time as the player moves about. For the most part the application is fully automatic, players need to start the application and then just play the game. It will remain hidden until triggered by events from the game.


Srv Survey is distributed two ways:

General usage:

Please see the wiki for guidance on all the features of SrvSurvey, or ask questions on the Guardian Science Corps Discord server.


Feedback, suggestions or bug reports are always welcome - please use this form for bugs or suggestions.